Pilot FHIR Vocabulary Services for LOINC Value Sets

An API to get key LOINC value sets in a standard FHIR format.

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is the latest HL7 standard for exchanging electronic health information. FHIR combines the best features of existing HL7 standards with the latest web technologies to make interoperable healthcare applications dramatically simpler, easier, and faster to develop.

FHIR is a work-in-progress, but is developing a nice set of specifications around vocabulary servers.

We are piloting the ability to make key LOINC value sets available via an API as a FHIR service. These are meant to be computer-consumable. You get either JSON or XML back.

Presently, the only function available is to retrieve the complete value set.

Subsets (value sets) available:
Tips: use something like Postman as an API client. Requires login with your usual loinc.org account.


There are a lot more FHIR vocabulary features under development that we have our eyes on for future work. This blog post by David Hay nicely summarizes some of the key vocabulary services in the FHIR DSTU-2. Our plan is to deploy a DSTU-2 compliant FHIR server with some of these key features for LOINC content in the future.